I work with various companies at different stages, from start-ups to global corporations, to figure out how to overcome challenges through innovation and creativity. I ignite a brand’s social ecosystem and increase brand engagements across multiple channels, as well as create affinity and build community through media and cultural events.

I am also a trained artist & chef with over 10 years of combined practice in the media, art & culinary industries. I merge my expertise to give you an unforgettable experience.

 Photo by  MarcofromHouston

I draw my inspiration from my own personal life adventures. From spending my childhood in my grandparents farm in Mexico to traveling around the world as a photographer and later on, producing events and working in kitchens, it has all allowed me to build a network of innovators and creatives. 

I wish to marry all those aspects of my life and welcome new ones to create extraordinary memories and events.


                                                                               A short film about building community through food experiences.