Art: Os Gemeos "Silence of the Music"

Brazilian twin brothers Gustavo & Otavio Pandolfo had their first solo exhibit in New York City this past week at Lehmann Maupin Gallery in Chelsea. The opening night was chaotic with a line waiting to get inside wrapped around the corner.  The wait was well worth it, the brother's brought their best and fully captivated their essence to show. The gallery, which was divided into five smaller rooms, exhibited art focusing on their Brazilian roots in the front three smaller rooms. The two larger rooms in the back exhibited their roots in hip hop. The brother's started out as b-boys (breakdancers) in São Paolo in the 80's before moving onto graffiti and eventually broadened their skills to include other arts.

For this exhibit the brothers showcase not only their roots but also their artistic evolution. Their artwork includes Brazilian folk art, pop art, paintings, sculptures, large crochet, photography of 1980s New York, hip hop artifacts such as the boom box and turntables and much more. The collection of work is extensive and detail driven. Here are some of my favorites:

saydee azilem