Selected Projects


A Short Film About Food & Community

Food is essential to our existence. It's a channel of communication. We love, nurture and heal through food. It develops memories, friendships and community. I created a short film demonstrating how food allows for a deeper level of socialization




Food Styling

Food styling for me, is a marriage of my culinary and visual arts experience. I love to make food look beautiful, it's enticing and inspiring. It is visual storytelling that can be used in social media, website content and corporate marketing. I have worked with NYC restaurants and caterers to build food photography archives and was project consultant for a feature published in Bon Appétit, March 2016.


Culinary Experiences

I create personalized food experiences specifically curated to individuals, companies and events. A variety of aspects are thought through when creating an atmosphere. Music, decor, art, food and beverage pairings are taken into consideration and strategically woven together to create a unique experience for guests.